Magpie Polymers - selective removal of transition metals, precious metal recovery

Magpie Polymers provides an innovative and patented filtration technology for the selective removal of transition metals from industrial waste or process water.

More selective than any other filtration media, Magpie Polymers recovers precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold, even in the presence of high amounts of other metals, organics and hard or salty water. Magpie Polymers are efficient over a large range of pH, including concentrated acid at pH 0.

The polymers are easily implemented in filtration columns just like ion exchange resins, so that our customers obtain clean water and recovered metals.

Magpie also provides high performance, yet simple to apply solutions for toxic metal removal from any types of industrial wastewater.

The company is a spin-off from the French Institute Ecole Polytechnique and has its production and analysis facility South of Paris in Saint Pierre les Nemours.

Industrial applications :

  1. Precious Metal Refining
  2. Surface Treatment
  3. Mining and Precious Metals Extraction
  4. Fine Chemistry catalyst recovery
  5. Very Selective metal capture on demand