Products and Services - metal removal, precious metal recovery - metal removal, precious metal recovery

Magpie delivers precious metal capturing resins to its customers accompanied with application engineering, analytical service and in-depth know on precious metal chemisty. Please contact us for a service fit to your need including:

  • Laboratory Testing and Analysis
  • Development and supply of filtration resin
  • Ready to use filtration equipment

At the forefront of every customer engagement, Magpie receives samples and conducts systematic and thorough laboratory tests.

The analytical equipment includes ICP-OES, IR and UV. Magpie adheres to the highest quality and safety standards.

Magpie delivers a comprehensive feasibility report showing the results of the analysis along with a recommendation on the optimum solution to be adopted.

Please contact us for more information.

Magpie proposes three grades of filtration resins:

MPX-series for precious metal recovery for the refining industry. Unique selectivity and simple metal recovery from the saturated resins.

Application examples:

  • MPX-310 and MPX-315: trace PGM recovery from silver refining waste or process even in presence of high concentrations of silver, with high tolerance towards nitric acid.

  • MPX-317 and MPX-318: trace PGM recovery from PGM & gold refining waste, including rhodium and iridium as well as palladium, platinum and gold.

  • MPS-series for precious metal recovery from the plating industry

    Application examples:

  • MPS-1203: gold recovery from rinsing water of gold cyanide plating processes

  • MPS-1307: palladium recovery from rinsing water from palladium/nickel baths

  • MP-series for toxic metal recovery from industrial waste water

    Application examples:

  • MP-1203: reduction of concentration of divalent transition metals below 1 mg/L in waste effluents

Magpie offers practical engineering expertise and provides compact, ready-to-use filtration units to customers wishing to integrate Magpie into their running processes.

The systems are easy to operate and to maintain, and require minimum supervision.

  • OPTYMA filtration units operate from 1-25 L/h (2-8L of resin).

  • PRYMA filtration units operate from 50-500 L/h (10-40L of resin).

  • For other flow-rates and dimensions please contact us for a quote on a custom-made unit.